“If you can learn to create a state of mind that is not affected by the market’s behaviour,
the struggle will cease to exist.” -Mark"Douglas

We are agile. Constantly focused on growth and being better

Two young Arianit and Arbër Aliu, founders of the Arianittfx group, have offered a new trend in Kosovo. Since 2018 when they first started with the knowledge of the global network of the world stock exchange today called FOREX TRADING, they did not stop to reap great successes in this global network. After attending many courses with world-renowned traders, these two young people started organizing the course to teach the youth of Kosovo about currency trading. For one year, with their great successes, they have broken every possible barrier in this globalized and little-known market in Kosovo, because the interest of young people to learn about trading only increases every day and the great demand of young people every day is greater.


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Forex, known as foreign exchange trading or FX, is the conversion of one currency into another. It is one of the most actively traded markets in the world, with an average daily trading volume of $6.6 trillion.
AAFX Academy takes a closer look at everything you need to know about Forex, including what it is, how to trade it, how to manage risk and how to be the most successful in your career, becoming a trader with perspective of this global network.
AAFX Academy every month organizes courses in three separate groups, the course lasts 3 weeks with 5 times per week

Being successful is the desire of all of us who inhabit this wonderful planet. It doesn't matter if the person in question is a child, young or old, at any stage of our vast lifespan, it is our ingrained desire to be successful and to continually move forward towards more massive success.

Thus begins our little story called AAFX Academy, of two young brothers in terms of age, but with ideas and goals that today are being realized.

We started in 2018, being interested in trading, stock exchange, currencies and everything related to the world market.

We completed many courses and trainings from the most powerful traders from all over the world, leaving everyone with the impression that one day we too will be known all over the world, and based on our success, many others will benefit.

We started with a small laptop, sitting in front of it for days and nights, practicing what we learned earlier, and after a year we arranged meetings with people who knew little about currency trading called FOREX, which we we would help them in paving the way to success.

We started with online courses with the few people who were there at the beginning, but seeing their successes, the interest grew more and more every day, until the day when we opened the office where the lessons are already in a physical way.

Today, when it's been 5 years since the beginning, we as AAFX Academy are very happy for all the achievements we have today, but we feel very proud that our students are success stories, and their future is on the right path.

The road was long and very difficult, but the motive and the goal that dreams will come true was the most important thing that we are where we are today.

Compared to our efforts towards success, we often expect much more and want success to knock on our doors very quickly, but it takes will and patience to achieve what you dream of.

Most iconic personalities have previously faced serious setbacks in their life struggles. However, they continued on their way to success and finally achieved massive success in their goals.

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